Idea. Maybe interesting. How to prevent stylometry? Many techniques have been suggested. Most successful technique appears to be "catting". The user imitates another user's writing style. Here is another idea. What if we remove the concept of a "writing style"? What if we use an alternative language, one which only allows one way to say any given phrase? Take the idea: "there is one right way to do it", and apply it to language. Identifying users will still be possible. Of course. This new language removes some bits of entropy, and could be useful. Candidates for this mythical language? Maybe Lojban, or some other unambiguous language. The ideas of removing ambiguity seems correlated. But I have not the knowledge of these conlanguages to decide if it is helpful in reality. Another idea: English, with a limited vocabulary. Limit sentences to the active tense. Limit words to the n most common. One last thought. Maybe this could be combined with machine translation. This way, people can enter their thoughts in English, and get an anonymized version. I need to think about this in more details.