This blog is fucking awful. This blog is made by the following stupid shellscript. It would be good if some of the following were added: - Support for Gopher blogs - Better word wrap for mobiles - still want to keep monospace feel - Some support for titles? #!/usr/local/bin/bash cd "$(dirname "$0")" out=~/public_html/posts rm -rf "$out" mkdir -p "$out" function prologue() { title="$1" echo <<EOF <html> <head> <title>$title</title> </head> <body style='font-family: monospace;'> EOF } function link() { title="$1" target="$2" echo "<a href='$target'>$title</a>" } function title_of_filename() { basename "$1" } for f in posts/* ; do title="$(title_of_filename "$f")" o="$out/$title.html" (prologue "$title" link up .. echo "<br><plaintext>" cat "$f") > "$o" done (prologue "parry's blog" for f in $(ls -t posts/*); do link "$(title_of_filename "$f")" "$f.html" echo "<br>" done; echo "</body></html>") > "$out"/../index.html