[WORK IN PROGRESS POST] Git Zero is a readonly git repository viewer suitable for static sites. For an example of Git Zero, please see this repo: HTTP URL: https://tilde.black/~parry/git/zero/ Clone URL: https://tilde.black/~parry/git/zero/gitzero.git/ To use Git Zero, cd into the directory of your project site. Then, execute: $ mkdir zero $ cd zero $ git clone --bare /path/to/git_project gitproject.git $ cd gitproject.git $ mv /path/to/git_zero_hook hooks/post-update $ chmod a+x hooks/post-update You can then add the repository as a remote: $ git remote add gitzero /path/to/static_site/gitproject.git/ and users can view your repository by visiting: http://your_static_site/zero and clone by using: http://your_static_site/zero/gitproject.git Right now Git Zero is very simple. #!/bin/sh ( echo '<plaintext>' git log ) > ../index.html exec git update-server-info