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Tilde Net News

Tilde Net News (NNTP) can be thought of as USENET without the spam. Many of the servers on the tildeverse run net news and share their content with their peers. You can read these newsgroups and contribute with replies and posts on topics by using the news clients installed on Tilde Black.


The main net news client installed on Tilde Black is slrn. Users can launch slrn like so:

$ slrn

The first time you run the program you will need to generate a new configuration file. Do this by adding the --create flag.

$ slrn --create

Once you are connected you can subscribe to any of the available groups that interest you. When you launch the program again at a later date, new postings in those groups will show up.

The program can also download descriptions of the groups by using the -d flag.

$ slrn -d


All groups beginning with tilde.* are part of the public Tilde Net News Network and are shared across servers. Tilde Black has a general purpose public group called for this purpose.

All groups beginning with black.* are private groups only available to users of Tilde Black and only visible on the local system.


The general channel is used for announcements and updates about Tilde Black. Users that have questions for the admin or need help with something on the server can make their requests here.


The privacy channel is intended for discussions around experiments, ideation, and documentation that promotes privacy online.


The anonymity channel is a playground for protecting identities online. Theories, troubleshooting, sharing of tools and guides, or the creation of new documents are all great subjects to include here.

Discussions on security can get highly technical and detailed. We strive to keep those in this group where the chains can go as deep as they need to reach agreement. Ultimately the goal of the security group is to make suggestions for the public on best practices but suggestions for the improvement of security on Tilde Black is also welcome.

This is not a black or grey-hat hacking group and any discussions along those lines will result in account termination. Tilde Black is a collaborative space designed to welcome discussions and experimentation, but the server itself is not designed as an exploit target or port-scanning test box.